Can’t stop worried about blind area during? I was also afraid of reverse parking!

There are tons of cars visible on our roads. And the number is continually getting bigger. Even though the number of cars becomes larger rapidly, the number of free parking space grows rather slowly. Frequently, if we try to park a car, we have to place a car in a very limited space. It is not uncommon that we have to park back and reverse auto into a parking area.


Autor: Mace Ojala
Most of us as training that ability many times during driving course. Most of us have to present that ability during the driving test. Personally, I do not know anyone that would feel comfortable and chilled out when reversing car. I also had that problem since I could remember. And this always made me feel very stressed. In theory, I knew how to do this. In practise, I was terrified that I can hit something or someone with my car. This fear terrified me so badly that I even stopped doing reverse parking.

The thing that was even more disturbing for me was that there is field called “blind area” right behind your car. Have you ever worried about this? This is an field that cannot be seen in your rearview mirror. Blind area can’t be directly observed from the car if you Are on a driver sit. You have to admit, it’s rather scary that you can’t see afield directly behind your car. Field that is crucial for parking your car safely.

Therefore, I have conducted a research. I have talked with lots of colleagues and family members. Many of them have suggested me to buy parking sensors. They have explained me that they are electromagnetic sensors that will alert me if there is any obstacle over a car while I park. I need to admit – it is better than nothing. Nevertheless, I was not concinved if I should purchase them.

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Why? I usually knew that there was something behind a car. I frequently was aware if it was rather close or still far away. What I needed was something that could give me the exact info about how big is the distance between the back of a car and the thing behind it.


Autor: Dave Jones
And then, on my birthday, I have got from my mother an unexpected but very useful present – a rear view camera for bmw. The model is not important at the moment – I can’t even remember that. What is relevant is that thanks to upgrade reverse camera bmw I am not afraid of reverse parking anymore!