Certyfication by GOST

Some countries have established unusual regulations concerning products which are approved to bring in the country and those which are forbidden. The aim of introducing such guarantees makes sure the government that all brought in items to the country meet some norms. Why have the countries introduced such guarantees?

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The states are not afraid of bringing in too many clothing or electronic objects. They are anxious of food and plant seeds which are brought in. If you importing harmful or infected pork and another products you can contaminate many of inhabitants and they may pass away as a result of your action. That is why, it is essential to control what items are brought in to given state. 1 of the states which have introduced that kind of certificate is Russia.

Their certificate is named russian gost certificate. There are 2 ways to receive gost certification. The 1st one is issued for only 1 delivery. It is a suitable certificate for those importers who would like to bring in some items only one time. It is legal just for 1 given shipment. The 2nd option is serial manufacture gost guarantees. You are able to obtain the Russian gost guarantees if you meet those obligations.

The 1st one is proving the excellence and the way of producing items in your factory by Russian authority (link to url). They must provide you an encouraging opinion if you want to get serial manufacture gost certifications. Secondly, you must give complete description of trade products.

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There should be contained serial number of product and information about application of the good. Furthermore, you should give your full data – full name of your company, address, telephone numbers and TAX number. There should also be made available the full information about the recipient of your products. The information which you must present is in-depth but it is necessary if you want to start business with Russia. Russian Federation is a excellent business partner and their market can be money-making for you.