Entering the Russian market: what is important before that move is made?

Russian Federation is a meaningful place on the economic map of Europe. That is why some lands want to export some part of their products there. But they have to be aware of the fact that in Russia different standards can be in operation.


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The GOST-R comes from the regulations that were announced years ago in the USSR. After the decision about introducing the particular thing into Russian market, the first issue ought to be the research, if that kind of goods complies with the compulsory certification proceedings. It refers to the therapeutic, electronic and different products that have something in common with human safety. It is the biggest segment of all the goods that are available in the territory of Russia. GOST certification might be accomplished for big industrial production or just a series of particular product. Another version of that standard is not obligatory, but is useful in case the security criteria are imprecise or not stated. To achieve it, the proper documents have to be filled and delivered to the accredited bureau. Many businesses choose to pass the certification process in order to expand to eastern markets. They are aware that it is truly profitable. Although the process requires some paperwork, it is worth trying – especially that there exist the people who can aid throughout the GOST certification way. The firm does not have to do it totally by itself.

To begin selling goods in Russia, some formal proceedings need to be accomplished. Thanks to that, the merchandise can be extended to one more country – the big land. It can increase the overall profit in a visible way.