Objectivity – nice place for employees and customers – see more!

In 2005 Objectivity start offshore outsourcing in Wroclaw, Poland. Several years later it hiring almost five hundreds IT experts. It is famous for it qualifications and effective, plentyt of customers are praising them for that. But it is not only fantastic company for users, it is also very nice place of employment. In 2015 it nearly won competition for the most homely work environment. Here are some more sentences about their qualifications on couple IT fields.


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Nearshore outsourcing is a concept, that lets owners of company to reduce some costs. They are open branch in a country nearby, with the same time zone, history and financials, but less wealthy. Thanks to that, they are able to hire well educated IT experts, but in much smaller costs. Objectivity is operating from the UK, but plenty of their jobs are doing in Poland, to lessen the costs. Concept like that allows to give bold and ambitious people from developing countries good, well – paid job. One of the largest task of Objectivity Poland is bespoken software. They are hiring many of IT experts, fine educated in designing a custom applications. When you are leading your own business, you may order one, surly it will be useful. Team of employees will determine your needs on that area, and they will make the best solution for you. It might be a smart phone applications which helps to sell your products on the road, online market or advanced calendar, which aids you to administer a private beauty salon. Another big part of Objectivity is sustentation and maintenance. After you already ordered any projekt from them, like creating a custom software – odsyłam do tego serwisu -, you can sign entirely new contract, that will obligate them to help you in case of any emergency.


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When something broke down at your system, they will send to you a specialist that will fix this issue.

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Also, they could work at renovating software that already existed, only to improve it maintainability, or when the environment get change. They might also work preventive, to discover little problems and remove it, before it turns into big ones. Objectivity Poland has mutated in the time of last several years. From small, UK based corporation it became one of the most important custom software firm in a country. It hire a lot of the people, sharing very friendly work environment, which was proofed by the dedicated price they won last year.