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Electronics – role of technology improvement in developing popularity of this kind devices

Electronics belongs to such fields that differs older people, who didn’t have a possibility to make use of such variety of devices from the younger one, which finds them necessary in their everyday life. It is proved by the fact that due to the development of technology and being able to decide from wide variety of the above mentioned commodities, the life has got substantially less complicated and a variety of tasks could be made quicker and with less use of energy.


Correlation between development of technology and intensity of trade as an element that highly influences the future of this sector

More and more people these days tend to discover that a lot of the goods they use daily come from another country. About half a century ago for instance for significant percentage of customers obtaining something that would be made in another country used to be believed as something luxury.


Modern technologies in the topic of infrastructure and communication as a factor that significantly influences the trade currently

Trade is a topic that has been highly influenced by miscellaneous improvements that have occurred throughout past decades. It is proved by the fact that its amount has, first of all, considerably grown. Furthermore, we should also keep in mind that it is significantly simpler than in the past. Hence, increasing percentage of corporations decide to import products from other countries, which make them less expensively.