What are the sales channels?

Trade is very important in our life. You can be against trade and its features but you as a consumer are involved in it. The text will provide some standard information what is retail and why it is named the final part of trade.


Selling is the final connect in the supply channel that connects the makers and the shoppers. Selling provides varied goods manufactured by different providers and provides them in the most convenient areas for customers.
The forms of retail:
• Stationary industry – it includes property for good located in a specific place, which are regularly available to the clients in a given time. It gives the customer a nonstop chance to do shopping in one destination – the client accustoms to the store and benefits the assurance in the excellence of goods.
• large area trade – they are department vendors, supermarkets, hypermarkets and cash & carry
• commerce shops – they are universal shops, food shops, industry stores.
• Mobile trade – it reaches the buyers anywhere it is handy for the buyer. The buyer chooses the given time and place. The slogan of the kind of trade is „retailer comes to the customer.” It can be divided into:
street trading
• Mail order – the kind of business provides products „at a distance”, it allows practical purchasing issues. The consumer can place the order at any day of the week and time. The most important benefits are: reducing time and money.


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The mail purchase swap can be divided into:
a) Teleshopping – in the method, the consumers call the clients and offer them goods to trade. If the consumer agrees to buy the product, it is usually send by the courier and the buyer can pay for the product at the door. It is very convenient method, but it is usually expensive and the goods are commonly low quality.
b) via email – it is similar strategy, but here is not available straight speech contact with the dealer. It is a great strategy for every individual who is shy and shopping is hard for the individual.