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Nowadays, here are progressively businesses which are working on the online projects. The businesses occasionally work for many users and hire lots of outsourced helpers from different branches. Furthermore, many of those companies employ only few employees permanently and rest of the staff work when the organization needs them, in the big projects.

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The managers of those companies have to deal with each difficultly which happen during managing such a quantity of people. More and more of them make a use of assorted software, including online time tracking.

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The software assists them in taking part with numerous of people and finish each task on time. Furthermore, many of the tool are presented for free, so the users do not need worry for further expenses. The fundamental version is appropriate for small companies and for few outsourced helpers who want to cooperate together. For people who are interesting about it: link.

Some fundamental features of no-cost model are:
• Tracking time – it is the basic characteristic of the software – it measures the moment which you devote to finish the given project.

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You can press the ‘begin’ button when you start the task and push ‘stop’ button when you complete or you can set it immediately. Then the moment starts to count when you begin to work in some software.

• Endless quantity of tasks and consumers – in the basic model you can to begin many total of various jobs and establish the information of any users you wish.
• Reviews – the pc program provides you the technique to track the progress you have made in building of your projects and gives you responses how much time did you spend on the latest projects. It is very useful tool during planning your future work.

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• The skill of working in teams consisted up to 5 co-workers – the software was designed to help organizing the team work. In the fundamental version, there is a chance to work on the same task in the same moment, even hundreds miles apart. It is a huge innovation which allows to mix the team of just the best workers.